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The SYNCHRONATOR HD uses the same concept as the original SYNCHRONATOR AV device for PAL and NTSC. It has 3 audio inputs and one video out and effectively disguises your input as a video signal.
For an updated connection to beamer, flat screen tv or capture card, the output signal is HDMI with a resolution of 720p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
The HDMI signal includes a stereo mix of the audio pass-through.

The device requires 5V DC for operation and is shipped with a USB to mini USB cable for it to be connected to a phone charger or comparable adapter.

SYNCHRONATOR HD device (720p60)
mini USB adapter cable

Release date:
february 2018
price: 180 EUR (excl. VAT & shipping)

For orders and information:
Subject: HD device
When enquiring, please mention your country of residence.