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The SYNCHRONATOR AV device transforms your audio into a composite video signal, compatible with all video equipment supporting composite video input.

With 3 audio inputs and 1 video out, the SYNCHRONATOR device enables you to visualize your sounds on each of the primary color channels of the video signal.
It adds video sync pulses and color coding signals to your audio, effectively disguising the input as a composite video signal.
The device is powered with a 6V adapter and features a color/b&w switch as its only on-board controller. Other manipulations are done solely with the audio input.

More information about how to play the SYNCHRONATOR device on our manual page.

One box contains:
6V adapter (100-240V)
composite video cable

Release date latest edition:
december 2013
price: 149 EUR (excl. VAT EU)

For orders and information:
Subject: AV device

When enquiring, please mention your country of residence.
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